Memories - you collect them, and they preserve the time full of emotions. Nevertheless, at some point of your life - you may find that collecting new memories is no longer possible for you from various reasons. Then those memories that have already been accumulated become the space where you recreate the past and you lead “a second life”. The quality of the second life depends on the quantity and quality of memories that you have accumulated.

Wladyslaw is in his 80s. From the very beginning of his life he was passionate about the music. He was a self-taught when he learnt how to play the accordion that has later become his favourite musical instrument. From this moment he played at parties, weddings and tea dances. In his memories there is almost always a music.
It is a cornerstone of his personality. He became disabled as a child. First he moved with small difficulty but he didn't mind it, because it didn't bother him very much in his daily life. However, along  
with the age the symptoms have intensified to such an extent that leaving his apartment became almost impossible. Since his wife died in 1998, he lives alone. The warmly home became his ultimate prison. Wladyslaw is my granddad.

The presented events happen at two levels, i. e. in two different spaces. In the space of his apartment and in the space of his memories that are somehow trapped there. The apartment and the collected items become the background for the memories. Photos from Wladyslaw's archives are visual carriers of his memories.

The title of this series is one of the tangos I found in the Wladyslaw's old musical notations. C'è sempre un tango means there is always a tango and it refers to memories.
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